I have a new phone number 608-387-2888.  My toll free fax number is 866-325-3566. 

What are the trends for Fall 2011-2012? Below are some links for you review that will help with your buying decisions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • The hottest sweater fashion trends for 2012 include coveted sweater dresses, savvy tunic sweaters, long belted cardigans and chic chunky knits.
  • Winter Fashion Accessories
  • Kids and Children Boutiques

      What is new with my distributors? 

  • Trendsetter Yarns has new patterns from Jane Slicer Smith for spring 2012 using the spectacular Merino 6 & Merino 8 superwash fibers. I have available for all merchants fiber samples that can be mailed for you to test  before ordering for fall. Visit & register on the Trendsetter web site. When ordering on line dye lots are availbale by fiber/color for you to peruse before re-ordering, a 1st in the industry. For those of you who have registered & have forgotten your password to access the backend of the website please call their office at 818-780-5497.  I have added a pdf file with all Trendsetter fibers by color. Naturally has been expanded for fall 2011-2012 and a cross reference for all patterns by fiber is available for download. 
  • The Knitting Zone distributor of Hiya Hiya knitting needles is now taking orders for the interchangeable sharps and bamboo tips. Metal interchangeables are now available in both 4" and 5" tips. The most current order form is now available for download. 
  •  AslanTrends - Their spectacular "Royal Alpaca" is a rare and unique fiber, only 1% of all alpaca fiber production in the world can be classified as Royal. It comes from the mill with a tight twist and is completely de-haired. The updated price sheet; with credit terms along & credit application are available for download. Litoral sold out and is again available for shipment.                                                                                                                                                          
  • Great Adirondack Yarns has new fibers for viewing on the GA web link. There are exceptional new patterns for Fall 2011-2012. Please note that any pattern published in a magazine or book is available as a kit from GA. I have also added an electronic set of color cards to be downloaded. It lists every color available to be hand dyed by Great Adirondack. 
    • Industry Trends: Novelty is back and your customers are looking for it!
    • I am available to teach classes for Tunisian Crochet, Mitred Squares and Free Form. Contact  me if you are interested.


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